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For a Few Dollars More or Nine Portraits

Alexander Valchev, Sofia

Born 1973 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Lives and works in Sofia



2008Residence at CCN, Graz, Austria;
2004Residence at Cité internationale des arts, Paris, France;
1998MFA in Sculpture, National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria;



Selected Solo Exhibitions

2011We Love the Dogs and the Dogs Love Us, Goethe Institut Bulgarien, Sofia, Bulgaria;
2009Reminiscences, Photon Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia;
2008Me and My Friends, Centrum Galerie, Graz, Austria;
2007Reminiscences, Month of Photography, Bratislava, Slovakia;



Selected Group Exhibitions

2012 Sofia Underground Art Festival, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Dachshund in Bulgarian Contemporary Art, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;

2011 Digital Print, Industrialna 11 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Re-Production, Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art, Sofia, Bulgaria;
The Choice - 43 art historians - 43 works, Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;

2010 Renaissance Nostra, Private View Art Platform, in cooperation with Jarmuschek+Partner Gallery, Berlin, Germany;
A Border Situation - Drawing in the Contemporary Art, Industrialna 11 Gallery, Sofia;


Mobile: +359 888 839 051

Email: alvalchev@gmail.com

Website: www.alexandervalchev.com


Alexander Valchev

Photo: Alexander Nikolov

For а few Dollars Moreor or Nine Portraits about love, mirth, sorrow, anger, energy, fear, disgust, astonishment and tranquility*. About choice.

а few Words More

For a Few Dollars More series represents nine photo portraits of artists in their studios. The photographs look like still frames from a nonexistent Western movie, where artists are the protagonists, story writers, stage designers and the photographer himself is a director. The studio is their fortress, a place where reality and fiction are mixed together. It’s a romantic story about love towards art and the ability to resist the temptations of everyday life. It`s about the fight to save your own space, to keep your dreams alive, to fulfill your illusions.

Alexander Valchev

* These moods are based on the nine main feelings in Indian drama.